Splicing Van

This specification was developed for a very particular application. It was required as a mobile workshop for crews installing high speed optical data cables for broadband and cable TV. 

 Key Requirements

  • High levels of interior light to allow easy identifications of colour codes
  • 230V AC power supply, self contained with at least 8 hours working time
  • Wipe clean work surfaces with storage underneath
  • As work is often carried out at night all power supplies etc should be as quiet as possible



  • Lined with white Polystar panels. Providing an easy-clean surface, the white surface greatly increases effective light levels inside the van 
  • Custom fabricated steel framed work benches on off-side and bulkhead with white melamine work surface and lab type power sockets. Shelves and gas bottle storage below work tops. 
  • Heavy duty non-slip floor 
  • Hot water handwash unit


  • Low voltage halogen work lights 
  • Safety step and tow bar at rear doors 
  • Stainless steel lock protection plates 
  • Amber beacons

 Electrical System

  • Auxiliary batteries : three high capacity, deep cycle 12V batteries 
  • Split charge system : batteries are charged from the vehicle's alternator via a a voltage sensing device and a set of relays, this system prevents the vehicle battery being discharged by the auxiliary systems
  • Top-up charge link-up : a 230V external power socket with battery charger for charging from an external supply
  • 1.2kW pure sine wave inverter : routed through a consumer unit with circuit breaker and RCD protection 
  • 230V gas discharge tubes provide the required high levels of light inside the vehicle with low power consumption, additional bulkhead lights with incandescent bulbs to improve light dispersal and quality
  • Control box with isolator
  • Integration of cable splicing equipment