Utilities Vans

 Heavy duty van conversions for the     construction and utilities industry

This specification was originally developed for the installation and maintenance of gas and water mains and several variants have been produced for plant maintenance, pipe inspection and are currently in use by several large utilities contractors. After several years many of the original sets of racking have been refurbished and fitted to new vans. 

van with heavy duty steel racking

 Additional Features

  • Secure mesh tool cages 
  • Inverter power supply 
  • Auxiliary batteries 
  • Half height offside shelf unit with heavy duty cable reel holder
  • Additional interior lights
  • Heavy duty non-slip floor

utilities contractor van conversion

 Basic Specification

  • Heavy duty full height steel racking on offside. Constructed from 40x40x3mm steel angle with welded joints and 12mm hardwood shelf panels
  • Racking bolted directly to the structure of the van with steel stiffening plates 
  • Lined in hardwood ply 
  • Hot water handwash unit with waste water tank
  • Additional lashing points fitted to racking and bulkhead
  • Tow bar with ball and pin hitch and steel safety step
  • Exterior halogen work lights above rear doors
  • High level vehicle registration plate with light, ensuring the registration is always visible even when towing 
  • Amber beacons front and rear 
  • Rear tool box for easy access to shovels, brooms etc

heavy duty steel shelving with cable reel holder