High value vehicles are often targeted by professional thieves - for a business this means lost time and revenue and     inconvenience to customers while the vehicle is replaced.

How it Works

A vehicle tracking system won't stop a vehicle from being stolen but it offers a very high probability of it being safely and quickly  recovered.

We highly recommend the TRACKER system for all high value vehicles. We consider it to be the most effective and reliable system available.

Monitor, Horizon and Locate products can generate an alert if your vehicle is moved without your knowledge - Tracker then contact you to ensure your vehicle is secure. From then on there are four simple steps to getting your vehicle back:
  • Stage 1: Vehicle owner contacts TRACKER HQ and the police to inform that their vehicle has been stolen.

  • Stage 2: TRACKER HQ activates the unit hidden in the stolen vehicle via our VHF transmitter network. The vehicle is now emitting a silent land based radio signal.

  • Stage 3: The silent signal can now be picked up by any of the UK's 52 police forces that are within the vicinity of the stolen vehicle. The signal will direct the police to the exact location of the stolen vehicle.

  • Stage 4: On customer request, a uniformed guard waits with your vehicle until it is recovered to a destination of your choice - anywhere in mainland Britain. This service applies only to stolen vehicles located within mainland Great Britain. We can also arrange to repatriate your vehicle from anywhere in Europe.


Although there are many different tracking systems available in the UK Tracker has several unique features which gives it significant benefits over the competition.

  • Impossible to jam : Tracker is the only system in the UK to use a VHF based active tracking network. Because it is tracked by units fitted to police vehicles any attempt to jam the system can itself be tracked. GPS and GSM based systems can be rendered useless by cheap and easily available RF jamming units.

  • Nowhere to hide: the Tracker signal can be traced in buildings, underground car-parks, covered trailers and even shipping containers. Tracker receivers are used by all Police Forces in the UK, providing complete coverage by road and air units. Additional, high sensitivity recievers are placed at strategic locations including major UK ports. 

  • Tamper proof : Tracker units have no external wires or ariels, are concealed within the structure of the vehicle and have a self contained power supply. With no visible signs of installation they are almost impossible to remove or disable. 

  • Unique relationship with the police : Tracker is the only system used by all UK police forces and supported by a dedicated Police Liaison Team. Tracking units fitted to police vehicles across the country, provide comprehensive coverage.

  • Full Spectrum Coverage : In addition to VHF only units, Trackers are available which also incorporate GPS and GSM technology for additional flexibility while maintaining the reliability of VHF.

Tracker can only be installed by approved agents such as  ADVANTEC