Animal Transport

 Safe and secure transportation for animals

We are able to convert vans of all sizes for the safe and secure transportation of animals. We can also supply portable cages and ramps for carrying animals in any vehicle.

In all cases the first priority is the health, hygiene and safety of both animals and handlers

 Van Conversions To Suit All Applications

  • Clubs and societies

  • Private individuals

  • Veterinary services

  • Local government

  • Animal control agencies

  • Animal welfare organisations

aluminium van dog cages

 Comprehensive Feature Range

  • Linings in GRP, polypropylene, aluminium and stainless steel, hygienic, easy to clean and waterproof 

  • Aluminium, galvanised steel or stainless steel cages

  • Installations engineered to be safe and secure

  • Standard and custom made cages and partitions available

  • Cages can be fixed or portable

  • Hot water hand wash and sanitation units 

  • Non slip floor 

  • Lightweight ramps suitable for injured or infirm animals

  • Electric or wind-driven ventilators

  • Insulation, ventilation, heating and lighting