Racking, Shelving and Storage

 One of our most popular product ranges. We offer a range of standard and custom options for shelving and internal storage for vans. Over the     years we have developed several standard shelving systems which, between them cover a large range of common applications and can form     the basis of bespoke designs for more specialist requirements.

 Wooden Shelving

Economical and robust, our wooden shelving is tailored to fit the dimensions of each particular make and model of van to make the best possible use of the space available. 

Uprights are 18mm solid hardwood ply with 12mm shelves supported by 2x1 timber battens.

wooden van shelving and racking

One of the main advantages of wooden shelving is that it can be made to measure to accommodate the particular set of tools, parts and equipment that you need to carry, including items like gas bottle cradles and cable reel holders. The fitted space saving design also makes it ideal for smaller vans. 

 Heavy Duty Steel Shelving

This is our most robust and durable shelving system. It is based around a heavy duty welded steel frame with tough 12mm hardwood ply shelves bolted directly to the frame. It is suitable for the most demanding applications including :

  • Gas, water and electricity utilities contractors
  • Highway maintenance
  • Construction
  • Plant maintenance
  • Mobile engineering workshops
heavy duty steel van racking

 Custom Storage

Many of our customers require made to measure storage to handle specialist tools, equipment and materials. We are experienced in designing storage systems for a huge variety of different requirements, backed up by in-house manufacturing facilities for wood, man-made board,aluminium, steel and stainless steel. 

 Modular Steel Racking 

We offer high quality modular racking from manufacturers including Tevo and Van Guard. Modular shelving offers a wide range of storage options in a range of sizes including :
  • Drawer units 
  • Lockable cabinets
  • Removable plastic bins, ideal for small parts and fixings 
  • Work surfaces
As this system is modular it can easily be modified to suit changing needs and can even be transferred to a new vehicle.

Individual modules can also be incorporated into other types of shelving.
steel modular van shelving
steel modular van racking with parts bins

 Glass Frails & Panel Racks

We design, supply and fit internal and external racks suitable for glass sheets, windows and large panel products. As these are made-to-measure they make the best possible use of the space available. 

 False Floors

Often the floor of a van can become cluttered without making full use of the height and space available. A false floor provides storage space for, drawers, ladders, boxes and other bulky items,  while maintaining a second level of clear floor space.