Animal Transport

We can provide a whole range of options for safe and convenient transport of animals from full van conversions to portable cages to fit most commercial vehicles. 

aluminium van dog cages

 Comprehensive Feature Range

Animal Cages 

We can build bespoke cages to order or integrate customer specified equipment 

The most popular materials are aluminium and stainless steel which are both corrosion resistant, easy to clean and look smart for years. 

Stainless has greater long term durability while aluminium is great for saving weight. 

Doors and cage panels can be made with mesh, bars, solid panels or perforated sheet 

Fitting Options 

Full conversion 

The load area is lined and sealed with fitted ventilators and optional insulation. Doors and windows are secured with  hinged or sliding doors, fixed panels or removable escape hatches. 

Fixed or movable partitions can be added to further divide up the space or to create separate storage areas 

Fixed cages 

Cages are bolted to the structure of the van and can be designed to integrate with other storage compartments and racking. They may be removed for cleaning or to provide extra space but will usually require some disassembly. 

Portable cages 

Fixed with straps or tool-free fasteners portable cages can be quickly and easily removed