Aluminium Van Racking

A versatile, high performance system of racking and shelving for all types of van

Available both as standard modules and custom made units

Above : type A racking to fit 340x170mm bins

  • Durable and corrosion resistant, no rust or flaking paint

  • Robust and lightweight : modules are constructed from TIG welded aluminium extrusions and are lighter and stiffer than equivalent sheet steel shelving.

  • Compatible with a huge range of euro style containers including trays, crates, picking containers and a wide range of modular tool cases, FatMax, Makita, DeWalt, Festool Systainer etc ect

  • Comprehensive customisation options .

  • Can be made to measure or as standard modules


The two common container standards are :

  • Sortimo L-Boxx (Bosch, DeWalt, Stanley, Euro boxes ) : 330x440mm

  • Systainer (Festool, Makita, Metabo) : 300x400mm

We have jigs and fixtures to build custom racking based on these standards quickly and cost effectively and can also accommodate non-standard containers as custom builds


Tray Type

Type A : 50x50x5mm angle : (heavy weight) suitable for longer spans and larger and heavier crates and boxes

Type B : 50x50x3mm angle : (standard weight) suitable for individual trays

Type C : 25x25x3mm angle : (compact) : ideal for individual trays for assorter boxes, short modular tool boxes and small/medium parts bins

Tray Size

Standard nominal sizes are

  • 300x400mm : Systainer compatible

  • 330x440mm : Sortimo compatible

Alternatively you can specify width and depth (width must be the same for all shelves in one unit )

Tray Count and Spacing

Specify the number of trays you require and the vertical spacing between them


  • Plywood inserts : converts trays to flat bottomed shelves with easy drop in fitting. Available in hardwood ply or resin faced ply.

  • Rubber liners

  • Worktop insert for top shelf : 18mm ply, laminate or stainless steel faced.

  • Foam inserts: custom organisation with vibration and frost protection.


  • Type B trays 1x4 off

  • Overall dimensions (H) 1100mm (W) 650mm (D) 400mm

  • Vertical clearance 250mm

  • Guide Price : £180 (ex VAT)

Price Guide

Note that due to current volatility in raw material costs, prices may be revised at short notice.

(excluding VAT and fitting)

Each module consists of at least 2 trays of the same width and a pair of end frames . Prices are for guidance only, contact us for a full quote.

Heavy Duty trays (Type A)

  • 300x400 : £35 each

  • 400x600 : £45 each

Standard Trays (Type B)

  • 300x400 : £25 each

  • 400x600 : £33 each

Compact trays (Type C)

  • 300x400 : £15 each

  • 400x600 : £18 each

End Frame Short (1200x300mm) : £60 per pair

End Frame Long (1800 x300) : £85 per pair