Roof Racks and Roof Bars

Roof Bars

A simple and lightweight way to add extra carrying capacity to your van. Our standard range has lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminium cross bars with heavy duty galvanised and powder coated brackets. The bars have a full length slot for easy fitting and adjustment of load stops and other accessories.

Ladder Rollers

Full width ladder rollers makes the job of loading ladders and boards onto a roof rack much easier and prevents damage to the roof and rear doors in the process. The rollers are made from stainless steel for maximum resistance to wear and corrosion and come complete with smooth running nylon bearings and heavy duty steel brackets which are galvanised and powder coated.

Gallery Roof Racks

With full length closely spaced bars and fitted side rails a gallery roof rack is ideal for large and awkward loads for example carrying full size sheet material or giving greatly increased luggage capacity to a minibus.

Our standard gallery roof racks have stainless steel cross bars for maximum resistance to corrosion and everyday wear and tear. Side rails are weight saving aluminium and the brackets are heavy duty galvanised and powder coated steel.

Door Ladders

A safe, convenient and secure way to load roof racks and bars on taller vans. Roof platforms and locking anti-climb plates to prevent unauthorised use are also available.

Pipe Carriers

A convenient and secure way to carry pipes and tube. Pipe carriers are available in standard and custom lengths up to 6m. They are crash tested and come with locking end caps.