Laboratory & Test Vans

Mobile laboratories, custom designed, manufactured and fitted for specialist applications.

With in-house design and manufacturing we can quickly turn around a project from detailed technical specifications through to prototyping and production and from one-off custom builds to large scale production planning and project management.


  • Medical testing, screening and clinics

  • Forensics and crime scene analysis

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Scientific and industrial field research

  • Decontamination and hazardous materials control


  • Sealed partitions to separate work areas and control cross-contamination

  • Power supplies : mains and low voltage systems, installed and certified to latest safety standards.

  • Integration of specialist equipment

  • Heating, lighting, air conditioning and ventilation

  • Custom built, made to measure storage and workstations

  • Flexible design, manufacturing and fitting service allows vehicles to be customised to your precise needs.


  • Custom designed racking and shelving in stainless steel, aluminium and composites

  • Specialist storage including fridges and hazmat lockers

  • Modular drawers, parts bins and cabinets

  • Integration of specialist machinery, instruments and equipment

  • Bulkheads and partitions - separating noisy or dirty jobs and equipment

  • Foam inserts for insulation and shock protection

Safety & Welfare

  • First aid kits

  • Chemical spill kits

  • Hot water hand wash units

  • Eye wash stations

  • Insulation, heating and ventilation

  • Safety steps

  • Reversing cameras, sensors and alarms

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Catering and welfare modules