Mobile Office & Hospitality

Transform your van into a comfortable and productive mobile office, training suite, meeting room or hospitality area

A custom built interior with seating, work stations, power supply and convenient storage solutions can turn your van into a productive, comfortable and highly flexible year round venue that you can take anywhere. Providing office and meeting facilities at job sites or outdoor events and exhibitions. Heating, insulation and ventilation maintain a comfortable working environment in any weather and a range of fully retractable awnings can provide extra covered space.

  • On-site training

  • Site management

  • Mobile police stations

  • Incident control

  • Shows and exhibitions

  • Clubs and societies

  • Outdoor events

We can supply a full range of standard and custom made equipment to transform your van. Our custom design, manufacture and fitting service can deliver a specification which is tailored to your specific needs


  • Seating

  • Folding bunks

  • Catering facilities

  • Insulation, heating and ventilation

  • Lighting

  • Washing and toilet facilities

  • Bulkheads to create separate working areas

  • Colour coordinated interiors and upholstery in a choice of materials

  • Retractable awnings

  • Entertainment, digital audio and video systems


  • Workstations and tables, folding or fixed

  • Self-contained power supply, 240V and low voltage

  • Multimedia : projectors, video screens, digital friendly power supplies

  • Custom storage

  • Integration of specialist equipment

  • Convenient and secure storage compartments

  • Vehicle tracking

  • Tow bars and accessories

  • Exterior work lights


  • Secure lockers

  • Made to measure racking and shelves: make the best possible use of space and make loading and unloading easier

  • Roof racks and door ladders

  • Display racking for products and literature

  • Ramps and loading equipment

Health and Safety

  • First aid kits

  • Eye wash stations

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Safety steps and handrails

  • Reversing aids : sensors, cameras and alarms

Mobile Police Station

van seat

Hearing test van

Mess Van