Vehicle Security

Commercial vehicles are a tempting target for thieves who know they often contain valuable tools. Even an unsuccessful break in attempt can cause expensive damage. The best security systems offer a clear visual deterrent and make life difficult for potential thieves.


Tracker is Britain's most effective stolen vehicle recovery system. It is the only system to offer VHF based tracking. Other systems relying on GPS or mobile phone networks to transmit information about the vehicle's location, can be rendered completely useless by inexpensive RF jamming devices routinely used by professional thieves.

Tracker's VHF system is impossible for thieves to effectively jam since any jamming device can itself be tracked by the receivers fitted to police patrol cars and helicopters.

However GPS and GSM data does have some advantages and Tracker systems are available which incorporate these technologies, while still backed up by the reliability of VHF.

Tracker units can only be installed and commissioned by approved agents such as Advantec.


Tool Lockers

A range of heavy duty, secure tool boxes for keeping valuable equipment safe, even in open body vehicles. Heavy gauge steel with attack resistant locks and hinges. Permanent and dis-mountable versions available. We can also modify standard tool stores for specific applications and design and fabricate custom lockers and cabinets.

Key-less Running Systems

If you run electrical equipment from your vehicles battery while working you may need to keep the engine running to keep the battery charged. Unfortunately this can leave your vehicle vulnerable to opportunist theft.

Key-less running systems neatly solve this problem by allowing you to run the engine without the key in the ignition once the system is set. As soon as the handbrake is released the system switches off the ignition making it impossible to drive the vehicle away without the keys.

Wiring Protection

Some vans, particularly transits, are vulnerable to attack by cutting the wiring loom from outside the van and shorting it to activate the central locking.

A metal loom guard prevents this by physically blocking off access to the loom from outside.

Although the problem has been rectified in later models this doesn't stop thieves from trying, a loom guard reduces the risk that any attempt, successful or not, will cause expensive damage to your wiring.

Catalytic Converter Protection

With scrap metal prices on the rise catalytic converters, which contain platinum and other precious metals, are a tempting target for thieves who can remove them in seconds simply but cutting them free of the exhaust system - often causing additional damage to the van in the process.

A catalytic converter lock acts as an obvious deterrent and makes your van a much less attractive target by physically securing the converter to the structure of the vehicle. The ArmaCat is manufactured from stainless steel and guaranteed for life. It is also engineered to dissipate heat effectively, preventing the converter from overheating.

Lock Protection Plates

These stainless steel plates protect vehicle locks from attack by drilling and prying. Equally importantly they provide a highly visible deterrent to opportunist thieves.

Because they work with the vehicles existing locks you don't need extra keys and the original central and automatic locking still works the same way.

Armaplates can also be used to repair damage caused by break-in attempts.

stainless steel van lock protection plates


  • Deadlocks
  • Slam Locks
  • External locks
  • Hook locks


As well as a range of standard steel bulkheads we can design and manufacture custom bulkheads and partitions in a variety of materials.