We have developed a template for accomodation modules which can be combined with workshop facilities to provide basic overnight accomodation.

A central partition divides a working area from an insulated and furnished accomodation space

Accomodation space Features

  • Fully insulted and carpeted sides and roof

  • Nonslip insulated floor

  • Roof light, provides venilation and natural light

  • Compact aluminium framed bed

  • Overhead and under-bed storage lockers, sized to fit standard euro containers

  • Hot water hand wash

  • Catering pod

  • Mains, 12v and USB power outlets

  • Escape hatch to vehicle cab

Catering Pod

  • Compact fridge

  • Kettle

  • Microwave

  • Toaster

  • Self contained electrical system with an auxilliary battery pack and optional external power hook-up

  • Work surface

  • Lightweight aluminium construction

Electrical system

  • 270Ah deep cycle battery pack

  • 1.5kW 230V AC inverter

  • 12V and USB outlets

  • Appliances can be hard-wired or optional 13A sockets fitted

  • Smart charge system safely charges and regulates the battery pack from vehicle alternator with options for generator or external charging

  • Consumer unit with RCD and MCB protection, fully compliant with latest standards

  • Independantly inspected and certified for safety

Design Concept

The standard accomodation module can be fitted to most larger vans (Sprinter, Crafter, Master etc) while allowing a reasonable amount of space for the work area.

In many cases the work area layout wil be based on an existing spec but we can also produce designs from scratch based on customer needs. The example on this page includes :

  • MIG welder with gas bottle storage

  • Generator

  • 200L water tank under false floor

  • Karcher pressure washing system with high pressure hose reel and low pressure hose for refilling the tank.

  • Aluminium racking for Euro containers

  • Aluminium diamond plate floor